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Eripio Institute explores and builds tested solution design, conversation facilitation, smart data, actionable evaluations, organizational skill growth, and sustainable funding methods. The Institute is dedicated to amplifying the efforts of those doing social good in the world.
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A New Exchange.

From institutions to individuals, millions of people wake up everyday and put their best effort in to making a better world. Every year, in the US alone over $480 billion dollars is spent on social good programs. And yet, when we look at the big picture, it’s hard to see solid positive change overall. We have the manpower, the money power, and the solutions, yet as a collective we still have work to do to get it right.

The answer is in smart sharing, what we call 21st century curating. Remember when your mom used to say “sharing is caring” – well that’s what we need right now. Sharing answers, insights, and outcomes. Putting that information into an open, accessible format, for everyone’s use. Right now the only existing standardized measures for the work of foundations and organizations are limited to financials. An organization starting a water program in Uganda has no centralized site to gain information and insights from other organizations working on water issues in the country. A foundation targeting women’s education in South America has to piece together insights from multiple streams to find out who has done what on the issue and what’s been successful so far. We need a better way to identify and share outcomes that work, the methods used to get to the outcomes, and the means available to scale.

We’re building a standardized open system for performance measurement in social good programs to let everybody in on what is really working, what we can change, and what we can grow. Join the build out by connecting with our Curation team.