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Eripio Institute explores and builds tested solution design, conversation facilitation, smart data, actionable evaluations, organizational skill growth, and sustainable funding methods. The Institute is dedicated to amplifying the efforts of those doing social good in the world.
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Happiness Base-camp

Posted by Eripio in Good Work Projects

Happiness makes strong thriving communities What makes a young person decide to do the right thing? What makes an organization capable of growing through hard changes and tough choices? What gives individuals the strength to reach for the best life possible no matter their starting point? The answer is simple: Happiness. Today, neuroscience has proven what we’ve all always known anecdotally; Leading great lives, doing good work, and making the best choices is easier when…

UpStanders: Growing Compassion

Posted by Eripio in Good Work Projects

Youth today face an epidemic that threatens their well being. With an increase in teen suicides caused by bullying on a rising tide of physical and emotional violence inflicted on school children by peers, real solutions have never been more critical. Enter the UpStanders Stand Up to Bullying. The brainchild of the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center, UpStanders is making a radically positive impacts on thousands of youth. Using the lessons of the Holocaust…

Serving Justice

Posted by Eripio in Good Work Projects

  “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”     Spending over $74 billion annually on incarceration, America’s prison epidemic places communities and individuals in a heartbreaking circle of lock ups, crime, despair, and repeat more. Eripio is working with the non-profit, Computer Mentors Group to break the cycle of incarceration by growing good change in communities plagued with high crime, high unemployment, and high lock up rates.   Eripio Institute enabled Computer…