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UpStanders Stand Up To Bullying Initiative research education program
UpStanders Stand Up To Bullying Initiative research program education bullying florida high school

UpStanders: Growing Compassion

UpStanders Stand Up To Bullying Initiative

UpStanders: Growing Compassion

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Youth today face an epidemic that threatens their well being. With an increase in teen suicides caused by bullying on a rising tide of physical and emotional violence inflicted on school children by peers, real solutions have never been more critical.

Enter the UpStanders Stand Up to Bullying. The brainchild of the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center, UpStanders is making a radically positive impacts on thousands of youth. Using the lessons of the Holocaust and cutting edge training techniques, UpStanders empowers youth to turn the tide against bullying by standing up for peers and building youth communities based on respect and compassion. Eripio monitors program performance,analyses results, and generates insights that are strengthening and growing the program. Initiated in one school district in 2010, UpStanders has spread across a region and is ready to amplify nationwide.

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21 Aug 2013