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Happiness Base-camp

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Happiness makes strong thriving communities

What makes a young person decide to do the right thing? What makes an organization capable of growing through hard changes and tough choices? What gives individuals the strength to reach for the best life possible no matter their starting point? The answer is simple: Happiness.

Today, neuroscience has proven what we’ve all always known anecdotally; Leading great lives, doing good work, and making the best choices is easier when we do it from a center of joy and happiness. The Happiness Basecamp is a practical and inspiring program that opens pathways for individuals and organizations to grab hold of happiness through simple daily practices.

Happiness Basecamp was developed using an interdisciplinary evidence based approach to ‘training into joy.’ Merging insights from┬áneuroscience, positive psychology, and cultural anthropology the Happiness Basecamp is an inspired approach to transforming mindsets for organizational and individual growth. Eripio Institute is working with institutions and agencies to offer the Happiness Basecamp for professionals and participants in the NGO and non-profit sector.

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21 Aug 2013